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Cadena - Patchwork Lanyards

Made in 100% cotton patchwork this lanyard comes in two versions - both have a swivel clip.
Swivel Break

The safety lanyard has a safety break clip set in making them ideal for anyone who has to wear an ID badge for work.
Safety Break

The plain version (no safety break) is better suited for use with heavier items such as keys or a purse.

Each of these is unique; one-of-a-kind.

Approximate Length: 19 inches (475mm) long

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Cadena 1
Plain Lanyard 1
Price: £7.00
Cadena 6
Plain Lanyard 2
Price: £7.00
Cadena 3
Plain Lanyard 3
Price: £7.00
Cadena 4
Plain Lanyard 4
Price: £7.00
Cadena Safety 1
Safety Lanyard 1
Price: £8.00
Cadena Safety 2
Safety Lanyard 2
Price: £8.00