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Whether you are sending your quilt to a show, or just hanging it on the wall at home, you will need to add a hanging sleeve to the back. The easiest way to do this is to include it at the binding stage. Most quilt shows and competitions ask for a 'standard 4 inch hanging sleeve' which is what I have shown you here. For smaller wall hangings or non-competition quilts, you could make a narrower sleeve (cut your sleeve fabric 5 inches wide instead of 10 inches wide - all will become clear shortly!)

Once you have trimmed your quilt, measure the top edge and cut a piece of fabric exactly this width x 10 inches

Please CLICK HERE if you would like to print out a PDF version of these instructions (single page A4)

tut sleeve hem

Press each end of this strip with a half inch double hem: press the first inch in Wrong Sides Together (WST) then turn this hem over again to enclose the raw edge. Stitch these hems in place.

Your sleeve piece will now be 2 inches narrower than your quilt.

tut sleeve 21
STEP 1: Hemmed sleeve piece now 2 inches narrower than quilt top
tut sleeve 31
STEP 2: Fold the sleeve in half WST and pin it to the back of your quilt centred along the top edge so all the raw edges are lined up

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