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tut flange 1

A great way to add a flash of colour at the edge of a quilt with no hand stitching required!

Please CLICK HERE if you would like to print out a PDF version of these instructions (single page A4)

Following the instructions below to join the fabric strips into lengths long enough to go all round your quilt plus 6 inches. Press these short seams open. Then join the two strips together, as shown. Try to avoid the seams in the flange and outer fabric meeting.

tut flange 10
tut flange 11
tut flange 2
STEP 1: Working from the back of your quilt, lay the binding with the OUTER fabric to the quilt and the raw edges lined up. Stitch a inch seam starting approx. 5 inches from the start of the binding strip
tut flange 3
STEP 2: Stitch until you reach inch from the edge of the quilt (marked here with a pin - remove the pin when you get close to the edge) backstitch a few stitches at the end of the seam

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