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FREE TUTORIALS: Reversible Drawstring Bag

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This tutorial is sized to make a large drawstring bag, but you could adjust it to any size you want.

I like to work with 100% cotton since it is easy to handle, forgiving and takes a crease well. Half a metre of each of the main fabrics will be plenty and still leave you enough to make a smaller bag too.

Main fabric 1 2 pieces; 15 x 20 inches
Main fabric 2 2 pieces; 15 x 20 inches
Cord Sleeve 2 piece; 15 x 3 inches
Cord - 2 pieces; 38 inches long

STEP 1: Gather your notions and cut your fabrics as shown above
STEP 2: Take the two pieces for the cord sleeve and, at both short ends of each, turn under a double hem and stitch in place.
STEP 3: At your ironing board, press each of the cord sleeves in half lengthwise, wrong sides together
STEP 4: On your work surface, lay one of the Fabric 1 panels face up and centre the cord sleeve on the short edge all raw edges aligned

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