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Double or French Binding

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Whether you are making a binding in one colour or a scrappy binding this tutorial will show you how

Please CLICK HERE if you would like to print out a PDF version of these instructions (single page A4)

double bind 2

STEP 1: Cut strips for your binding 2 inches wide. Square off the short ends, place them Right Sides Together (RST) and stitch with a inch seam. Press these short seams open.
STEP 2: You will need to make enough binding to go all round your quilt plus 6 inches. Press the long strip in half Wrong Sides Together (WST)
STEP 3: Position the binding on the front of your quilt half way down one side with the raw edges together. Start the inch seam approx 5 inches from the end of the binding.
STEP 4: Continue this inch seam and stop inch away from the edge of the quilt. Back stitch to secure the thread and take the work out from under the sewing machine.

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