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cushion 001

Make a cushion back with a neat cased zip.

I like to use a heavier cotton fabric (upholstery weight) to make a sturdy and hard wearing back for a quilted cushion front. Pick a matching nylon zip about 4 inches shorter than the width of the front.

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tut cb 2
STEP 1: Cut your backing fabric about 1 inch wider top and bottom, plus 2 inches wider on each side than your cushion front. Cut two extra pieces of backing fabric about 4 x 3 inches.
tut cb 3
STEP 2: Stitch one of these small pieces Right Sides Together (RST) with the zip carefully avoiding the metal end stop - domestic sewing machines will easily stitch through a nylon zip!
STEP 3: Trim the end of the zip with the metal end stop and fold the fabric over the seam
STEP 4: Trim each side of the fabric in line with the edges of the zip

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