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Kussen - Tooth Fairy Pillows

This lttle pillow has a pocket on the front (the monster's mouth on the green ones!) to hold the lost tooth, and then the tooth fairy's letter and coins. Makes Mum & Dad's life much easier since the loop at the top can be hung on a door handle, saves creeping about a dark bedroom!

Size approximately: 5 1/2 x 5 1/2 inches (140x140mm)

Price: 8.50 each

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love notes
Are you fed up with stitcking notes for your loved one on the fridge? Why not use one of these little pillows for your messages - hung on a cupboard or door handle, what nicer way to leave a love note?

Green Monster 1 Kussen Heart 1 Kussen Square 1
Green Monster 1
Hearts 1
Square 1
Green Monster 2 Kussen Heart 2 Kussen Square
Green Monster 2
Hearts 2
Square 2
green monster 3 hearts 3 square 3
Green Monster 3
Hearts 3
Square 3