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This little pouch, made with a soft, textured velvety outer (the kind you just want to stroke!) and a cotton lining, has been designed to take a pack of baby wipes and a few nappies - ideal for throwing in a bag if you are out with your little one and don't want to take the whole 'shooting match'

Price: 9.50 each

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Babanod 1
Babanod 1

Babanod 2
Babanod 2

Babanod 3
Babanod 3
The Babanod pouch is available in three colourways, but the patchwork strap, which the flap closure tucks under, makes each one unique
Click on the photographs above to see more details of each colourway

Overseas customers: please email me with your requirements, and I will calculate the delivery cost on your order.